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Gormanston hurling tournament - Capacity reached - Tournament Oversubscribed

Registration is currently oversubscribed. We have had a massive response again for places in this tournament. We currently have 205 teams with 2893 players to attempt to accommodate. Unfortunately, this will not be possible as we have a capacity of 160 teams. We had changed the submission form last week to reflect this. We realise that there will be a lot of disappointed teams and we are looking to expand the tournament format next year so we can accommodate all. For those that submitted please bear with us as we have to run through the team submissions. We want to get the best configuration of team’s pools so that it runs smoothly and we accommodate as many as we can. We may reach out to teams to see if they can reduce the number of teams entered. All of this will be completed by the 5th December. The tournament commences on Sunday 14th Jan 2024. Tournament runs for 5 weeks.



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