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30 Clubs attend per day


160 Teams play 80 games per day


kids (u6-u11) play in the tournament every day

Tournament Format

The tournament takes place in Annually January/Feb and runs for 5 weeks on a Sunday. It was designed given that most outdoor playing pitches are unplayable during this period. It is open to Boys and Girls. (Hurling and Camogie) Teams from Dublin, Meath and Louth participate.
It is due to start on Sunday 14th January 2024. It runs from 9:30am until 7:30pm. Games run very half hour and last 25 minutes no break. Four games across the four courts simultaneously. 84 games played each Sunday.
Expectation 30+ Clubs, 160 Teams, 1900+ players.
Each children receives a medal and certificate on the last day of the tournament. Presented by Denis Forde.



  • 5 Age Groups from Academy to Under 11 (boys and girls)

Composition of each age group will be as follows:

  • U11 (Born 2013) Teams of 7 unlimited substitutions from panel of 12

  • U10 (Born 2014) Teams of 7/8 unlimited substitutions from panel of 12

  • U9 (Born 2015) Teams of 8/9 unlimited substitutions from panel of 12

  • U8 (Born 2016) Teams of 8/9 unlimited substitutions from panel of 12

  • Academy Born 2018 & 2017 Teams of 10 unlimited substitutions from panel


  • Academy to U11 all non-streamed

  • Academy to U11 will have no league tables or results.

  • This is to ensure that all children get playing time without the constraints of winning being a factor. This is required by Leinster Council


  • All players from Nursery to Under 11 will receive medals.

  • Certificates will be given to all participants.

  • Presentation of medals will take place on the final Sunday in the balcony of the Complex.

  • Medals will be presented immediately after the final match for your team.

  • The Fr. Bob Doyle Trophy will be presented to the club of the tournament.


  • The Bryan Kelly Memorial Trophy will be presented to the best under 11 Player

  • The Ciaran Carr Memorial Trophy will be presented to the most skilful Academy player.

 There will be 2 further awards for emerging talented academy players.

These players will be decided by the tournament organisers in conjunction with the referees.


Tournament Playing Rules

  1. No lifting of ball allowed

  2. No deliberate kicking or stopping of ball with foot allowed (free shot given)

  3. Nursery – No free, if player kicks or stops ball with foot

  4. Goalies not allowed to score from puck out

  5. Goalies not allowed to ‘chip’ ball in air for puck out. Shot to be retaken.

  6. Goalies allowed to stop ball with foot.

  7. All players must be 7 metres back from free shots.

  8. If player puts out ball over his own end line, free shot from centre field given.

  9. If ball gets entangled in dividing nets, referee will throw in ball

  10. Nursery & U8 will use First Touch Balls

  11.  Indoor Hurleys must be used.

  12. No rough play.

  13. No sliding.

  14. After score- restart from centre of court

  15. Duration of game will be 25 minutes approx. No half time. Hooter will sound to mark the end of each game.

  16. Unlimited substitution from panel.

  17. Frees – Any number of players in goal.

  18. Referee’s decision will be final.


General Rules

  • Teams must be ready five minutes before the appointed time of game.

  • Players and Mentors waiting to go on court to wait in reception.

  • At the end of each game players and mentors must vacate court immediately.

  • Only players & Team mentors allowed on court.

  • Mentors to operate from either end of court, not down the side of court.

  • Players and Mentors to wear runners (Complex rule).

  • No spectators on court. Spectators to view from balcony.

  • Mentors are responsible for their team members from the time they arrive until they leave the complex.

  • All hurleys, helmets, sliotars, first aid etc., should be marked by each club.

  • No drink or food in hall area of Complex.

  • Have respect for college property.

  • Car park and general college grounds are out of bounds for children

  • Coffee shop and hot food available on balcony

  • Nursery: It may be the first time that the children will be playing for their clubs and they might be nervous. Parents and mentors can be on the side lines and go onto court to help.

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