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Gormanston 2024 Opening Day Sunday 14th January checklist

A Chairde,

Please see below details for this Sunday's tournament.

Please note rules tournament format and game rules are online at

Please remember this tournament is a go games format. It is about making it fun and a positive experience for all the kids. Panel numbers and playing numbers are outlined in the link on the website.

Bringing additional players outside of the recommended is not an issue as long as you get them equal game time. Rolling subs work very well, if we can keep to the on court player number guidelines it makes for a much faster and more enjoyable format.


  • All Teams to arrive at least 15 minutes before games.

  • All teams ready to enter the playing areas 5 mins before the game starts. 

  • Teams will be lined up with opposition. Please have your team ready to go before entering, starting positions. There is a one/two minute turnaround on games.

  • Teams will be directed to their designated Club area on arrival.

  • Only Mentors and players enter the playing area. Only enter the playing arena when instructed when the buzzer is sounded.

  • Mentors can only stand at the end lines behind the goals. No standing at the side. Go-Games rules apply. Please respect children and referees. Let the kids play.


Equipment -

  • Please ensure that all players have indoor hurls, jerseys, helmets, and runners. (Bibs may be required depending on the opposition's colours.)

  • Every Club provides indoor hurley's to their teams

In the case that hurleys are an issue please contact me directly ASAP, We have a limited supply and all hurleys given out must be returned before leaving the playing area.  

Depending on the court you're on there are different waiting areas. I have attached a map of the complex with areas outlined.

Dressing Rooms

Unfortunately we do not have the number of dressing rooms to facilitate all teams. We have notified dressing room allocation, All clubs not outlined will prep for games in the upstairs balcony area.

Gormanston Sports complex Directions

Gormanston Park, Gormanston, Co. Meath,Ireland,K32 NH30


Google Maps


Car parking

Please note there is a one-way system in place. Please use the entrance on Flemington road.


There is a coffee shop on-site with hot food served all-day. Upstairs in the viewing area. All parents go to the balcony viewing area.

Hope to see you all Sunday for a festival of hurling.

Any questions please contact us @



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